In-person hearings can now take place again at the premises of VIAC (as of 30 May 2020).

As availability of rooms is limited and careful planning is needed, please contact your case manager as soon as possible if you are planning to hold a hearing in the near future. There is also one specially equipped room for video-conferencing that can be rented for virtual hearings. Please get in touch with the Secretariat should you wish to book this room.

The newly released “The Vienna Protocol – A Practical Checklist for Remote Hearings” that may be used for arbitration proceedings administered by any institution provide useful guidance for parties, counsel and arbitrators when holding hearings in times of COVID-19:

On 18 June 2019, the Council for the Development of the Arbitration Process of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation recommended granting VIAC the status of a PAI (“permanent arbitration institution”) under Russia’s Federal Law on Arbitration dated 29 December 2015. As of 11 July 2019, VIAC is now officially included in the list of foreign arbitral institutions recognized as a PAI (as per order No. 845-r issued on 4 July 2019). We are the first European arbitral institution to have received a government permit. This registration is crucial in order to ensure enforcement of VIAC awards also in the future in the Russian Federation.

This is an information that the VIAC Secretariat remains operational and at your service. As we have to adapt on a daily basis, this information is updated regularly. 

The following measures have been taken to safeguard your health and that of our staff while still ensuring our services.

The under-representation of women in arbitration is nevertheless very much a reality. In order to facilitate sharing information about qualified female candidates and contribute to an increase in the pool of female arbitrators, the Equal Representation in Arbitration (ERA) Pledge website provides an "Arbitrator Search" tool.

In an effort to provide clarity and guidance in the wake of Covid-19, several arbitration institutions have decided to issue a joint statement. 

Please view the full text of the joint statement for further details.

CAM, DIS, SCC and VIAC have published a joint video message related to COVID-19. Have a look at the video!