We are pleased to present our latest brochure. The practical guide "(Kein) Streit am Bau" (How to avoid construction disputes) was developed together with the Austrian Society for Construction Law and the Construction Industry (ÖGEBAU) in a specially established working group and is intended to provide construction firms, principals and practitioners alike with an overview of established and alternative dispute resolution methods in construction disputes. The brochure is available for download in German here

Special thanks is due to the working group "Construction Arbitration" (in alphabetical order): Thomas Anderl, Thomas Baierl, Clemens Berlakovits, Daniel Deutschmann, Markus Fellner, Anne-Karin Grill, Gregor Grubhofer, Petra Fuss, Florian Haugeneder, Günter Hayek, Wolfgang Hussian, Georg Karasek, Rudolf Lessiak, Thomas Mandl, Annemarie Mille, Michael Müller, Sonja Müllner, Patrizia Netal, Gunnar Pickl, Nikolaus Pitkowitz, Karl Pörnbacher, Katharina Riedl, Stefan Riegler, Michaela Steinwender, Christina Täuber, Thomas Thierau, Michael Unzeitig, Klaus Voithofer, Irene Welser, Hermann Wenusch, Nikolaus Weselik and Matthias Wohlgemuth. We would also like to thank the authors of this practical guide.

We are excited to share our latest brochure with you. The brochure was developed jointly with the LGT Bank and taps into a new field of arbitration: private clients. It aims at offering practical guidance for families and family businesses to utilize mediation and arbitration to resolve issues. You can download the brochure here.

Special thanks is due to the working group on private clients, Prof. Astrid-Deixler-Hübner, Dr. Alice Fremuth-Wolf, Dr. Werner Jahnel, Dr.Elisabeth Kahler, Prof. Susanne Kalss, Mag. Stephan Karall, Prof. Christian Koller, Mag. Martin Platte, Prof. Martin Schauer, Dr. Nikolaus Vavrovsky, Mag. Elke Willi und Prof. Brigitta Zöchling-Jud (in alphabetical order). We would also like to thank the GesRZ magazine for their gracious cooperation.

The Vienna International Arbitral Centre (VIAC) and Jus Mundi are delighted to announce a partnership in the name of the public good, to improve global access to key Austrian municipal decisions relating to arbitration.

On 1  July  2021, a new version of the VIAC Rules of Arbitration and Mediation as well as a complete new set of  VIAC’s Investment Arbitration and Mediation Rules 2021 entered into force. They are applicable to all proceedings commenced after 30 June 2021.

VIAC introduces the VIAC Portal – an online case management platform hosted on HighQ, a cloud-based file sharing and collaboration software operated by Thomson Reuters. The VIAC Portal can be used for all types of VIAC proceedings for communication among the VIAC, the parties, and the arbitrators or other third-party neutrals. On the Portal, a separate case site will be opened for each case. The VIAC Portal is set up to further increase efficiency in VIAC cases, to enable transparency among case participants, and to address the participants’ ever increasing needs for data security, confidentiality and privacy. 

Further details can be found here. Read also the press release dated 12 April 2021.