VIAC introduces the VIAC Portal – an online case management platform hosted on HighQ, a cloud-based file sharing and collaboration software operated by Thomson Reuters. The VIAC Portal can be used for all types of VIAC proceedings for communication among the VIAC, the parties, and the arbitrators or other third-party neutrals. On the Portal, a separate case site will be opened for each case. The VIAC Portal is set up to further increase efficiency in VIAC cases, to enable transparency among case participants, and to address the participants’ ever increasing needs for data security, confidentiality and privacy. 

Further details can be found here. Read also the press release dated 12 April 2021.

Russian Arbitration Association

We cordially invite you to take part in the Russian Arbitration Association's Study on "The Impact of Unilateral Sanctions on International Arbitration".  

Please spare some time to answer the 10 short questions (approx. 2 min) to identify the impact of unilateral sanctions on arbitration proceedings.
The survey is anonymous and the answers will be kept confidential.   

The Russian Arbitration Association will publish the results of the report in June 2021.

The Annual Report 2020 provides a detailed review of VIAC's various activities in the past year as well as interesting statistical details and an outlook on VIAC's new projects for 2021.

Please view the full text of the report for further details. 

ERA Logo

We are delighted to share the news that the European Commission has signed up to the Arbitration Pledge in respect of its trade and investment dispute settlement activities. The Executive Vice-President Valdis Dombrovskis confirmed the European Commission's adherence to the Pledge in a letter to the founder and co-chair of the Pledge Global Steering Committee, Sylvia Noury. In its first concrete application of the principles of the Pledge, the European Commission has today launched a recruitment drive intended to attract arbitrators for State-to-State dispute settlement and experts for trade and sustainable development related disputes.

For more information on both the European Commission's commitment to gender diversity and the recruitment process, see here.


In an effort to provide clarity and guidance in the wake of Covid-19, several arbitration institutions have decided to issue a joint statement. 

Please view the full text of the joint statement for further details.

CAM, DIS, SCC and VIAC have published a joint video message related to COVID-19. Have a look at the video!