VIAC introduces the VIAC Portal – an online case management platform hosted on HighQ, a cloud-based file sharing and collaboration software operated by Thomson Reuters. The VIAC Portal can be used for all types of VIAC proceedings for communication among the VIAC, the parties, and the arbitrators or other third-party neutrals. On the Portal, a separate case site will be opened for each case. The VIAC Portal is set up to further increase efficiency in VIAC cases, to enable transparency among case participants, and to address the participants’ ever increasing needs for data security, confidentiality and privacy. For more information about the characteristics and functionality, you can read the Guidelines or contact the VIAC Secretariat.

Please read the article on the VIAC portal in the Legal Tech Times No. 1 published in May 2021.

Log in to VIAC Portal  

The parties, arbitrators or other third-party neutrals involved in VIAC proceedings will receive an e-mail with registration details.

The login page of the VIAC Portal can be found here.

In case of problems with the login, please contact the VIAC Secretariat.



The VIAC Portal Guidelines aim to provide current and future users with a good overview of the Portal's functionalities. A detailed user manual which thoroughly explains every aspect of the VIAC Portal, can be found on the VIAC Portal and - of course – the VIAC Secretariat is also always happy to assist you with any questions that may arise.



  • Data security on the Portal is of particular concern to VIAC.
  • HighQ’s security controls program complies with the applicable laws as well as the accepted standards for the industry.
  • It is designed to address security and confidentiality concerns, to protect against threats or hazards to security or integrity, as well as to prevent unauthorized activities as regards the contents.
  • Thomson Reuters is subject to strict confidentiality obligations regarding the content and users of the HighQ VIAC Portal.
  • The data is hosted on servers in Germany.
  • The data processing of VIAC is subject in particular to the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation.