Vienna chosen as the seat for the CIETAC European Arbitration Centre

VIAC President Dr. Günther Horvath welcomed the CIETAC European Arbitration Centre in Vienna in its Opening Ceremony held at the Palais Hansen Kempinski on September 28, 2018. The Opening Ceremony was celebrated also by Dr. Lu Pengqi (Vice Chairman CCPIT and Vice Chairman CIETAC), His Excellency Ambassador Li Xiaosi (Ambassador, Chinese Embassy in Austria) and Dr. Zhao Jian (Vice President of CIETAC Arbitration Court). It was followed by “The Belt and Road & Arbitration Forum” and by a visit of the CIETAC/CCPIT delegation at the VIAC offices. CIETAC (China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission) was established in 1956 by CCPIT (China Council for the Promotion of International Trade).

GAR’s reasoning for granting this award to VIAC: The institution had a year of change and innovation in 2017, with new rules, a new secretary general and its first GAR Live event. It also started publishing the names of arbitrators on its tribunals, including an all-female panel. The awards ceremony took place in Paris on Thursday, 12 April 2018. We are so happy, proud and honored about this acknowledgement for VIAC’s achievements in the world of international arbitration.

A new version of the VIAC Rules of Arbitration and Mediation entered into force on 1 January 2018 (“Vienna Rules and Vienna Mediation Rules 2018“).

A memorandum of understanding was concluded between the Energy Community Secretariat’s Dispute Resolution and Negotiation Centre (EDRC) and the Vienna International Arbitral Centre (VIAC). The Energy Community is based on a legally-binding international treaty bringing together the European Union and its neighbours. (Find more information about EDRC:

Following the call for more transparency in the appointment process of institutional arbitration, VIAC has decided to publish the names of arbitrators acting in current proceedings: Under the header "VIAC Arbitral Tribunals"  you will find the names of all arbitrators acting in VIAC cases where the file has already been transferred to the arbitral tribunal and which were still pending on 1 January 2017 or were filed after this date.