The Secretariat will assist the parties and arbitrators/mediators in the organization of the hearing and offers the following ancillary services:

  • rental of hearing and breakout rooms;
  • rental of audio and video equipment;
  • assistance with further logistical organization, e.g. identifying and obtaining court reports or interpreters; and
  • providing in-house luncheons and catering services.


Following hearing facilities are available at the premises of AFEC:

14 Inhouse-hearing rooms / break out rooms
(Booking upon request and according to availability)
  • 3 max. 80 persons
  • 2 max. 50 persons
  • 1 max. 40 persons
  • 5 max. 30 persons
  • 1 max. 28 persons
  • 2 max. 15 persons
  • Beamer
  • Laptop
  • simple audio recording
  • Simultaneous translation is generally possible in all rooms. 2 rooms are equipped with pre-installed booths. Further information can be provided on request.

  • small catering (standard): coffee, tea, soft drinks, cake, fruits
  • large catering: upon individual order