360° ADR Midweek Talk


Contractual mediation clauses and Arb-Med-Arb

Is it advisable to include a mediation clause into a contract? If yes, how should you structure your dispute resolution clause and what are the main issues you should take into account when drafting? What is a hard and what is a soft mediation clause and which one should you choose?

How can mediation and arbitration interact? And can/should one person act as mediator and arbitrator in the same proceeding?

Julia Jung (Independent Commercial Mediator & Arbitrator with Jung Legal Solutions (Switzerland), certified mediator with the Swiss Bar Association and the Swiss Chamber of Commercial Mediation) and Amelie Huber-Starlinger (Mediator accredited in Austria, England (CEDR) and Singapore (SIMI)) will discuss and shed some light on above questions.

Join us for a hands-on discussion on 14 April 2021, 9 am (CET).

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