The International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA) (advised by Allen & Overy LLP) has published a second edition of its Arbitration Guide (the 2018 ISDA Arbitration Guide). The document can be downloaded HERE. Further information on the updated version of the ISDA Arbitration Guide can be obtained from a memorandum prepared by Allen & Overy in London.

 While the basic structure of the Arbitration Guide remains unchanged – reflecting ISDA members’ broad satisfaction with the first edition (the 2013 ISDA Arbitration Guide) – a number of new model clauses have been added in response to users’ feedback, and amendments have been made to the guidance notes to reflect changes in arbitral rules and market practice over the past five years. Appendix K contains an ISDAfied arbitration clause under the VIAC Rules. We are very proud that VIAC has been included in this guide thereby enhancing the use of arbitration as a recommendable dispute resolution alternative for banks and financial institutions.

The VIAC-ISDA model clause can be downloaded HERE.