On May 8, VIAC and YAAP hosted a Round table with case managers, from the four arbitral institutions, which gave practical insights into daily case management issues.


The second international case managers meeting in Vienna was done in a “speed-dating”-setting on tables of four small groups, with one case manager from each arbitral institution. VIAC Case Manager/Legal Counsel Klaudia Dobosz participated together with Case Manager/Legal Counsel Marina Nitrola from Milan Chamber of Arbitration (CAM), Case Manager/Legal Counsel Patryk Kulig from German Arbitration lnstitute (DIS) and Case Manager/Legal Counsel Evelina Wahlström from Arbitration Institute of the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce (SCC).

While enjoying a glass of wine and snacks participants received answers to questions asked at the table.

The participants were mainly Austrian arbitration practitioners but there were also participants from e.g. Russia, South Africa and Belgium present.