This is an information that the VIAC Secretariat remains operational and at your service. As we have to adapt on a daily basis, this information is updated regularly. 

The following measures have been taken to safeguard your health and that of our staff while still ensuring our services.

  • The case management is fully operational due to our electronic case management system that was introduced in 2019.

  • We are working remotely to the extent possible with daily joint calls to plan and coordinate.

  • Postal mail is checked regularly by a team member at our premises.

  • VIAC encourages parties to submit all written submissions, and any supporting documentation, including witness statements and expert reports, preferably by electronic means, acc. to Article 12 para. 2 Vienna Rules. Regarding the Statement of Claim we kindly request submittance of sufficient hard-copies for Respondent(s) acc. to Article 12 para. 1. Arbitrators and Mediators are also encouraged to use electronic copies of case-related documents.

  • We remain available if you need to speak with one of our case managers, your call is being forwarded to us. In case this does not work, please send us an e-mail including your contact details so we can call you back.

  • For the time being, postal service and DHL are still working in Austria but this might change in future. The VIAC Secretariat may send a copy of the arbitral award in electronic form in certain cases. Article 36 para 5 Vienna Rules was clarified in this respect with effect from 1 April 2020. A detailed commentary on this new version as well as general information on how VIAC arbitration proceedings are conducted in COVID times can be found in the following article Fremuth-Wolf, Auswirkungen der COVID-19-Krise auf VIAC-Schiedsverfahren,  ecolex 2020 (in print – in German only). A summary of the article is available on the website of MANZ'sche Verlags- und Universitätsbuchhandlung GmbH.

    Additional information

    This is a global situation that affects all of us, and collaboration and sharing of good ideas should be encouraged. 

    If you have any question regarding VIAC operations in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    For Austria, relevant (legal) information on COVID-19 may be found HERE. The Austrian government has issued instructions and warning for travelers that can be found HERE.