360° ADR Midweek Talk

24.02.2021 9:00 am - 9:30 am


Third-party funding in mediation

Mediation is designed to fit the needs of the parties to a dispute, but can mediation also be in the interest of a third-party funder? What does a funder look for, if a party applies for funding? How does a funder calculate its remuneration, e.g. if the parties decide to drop their claims in mediation? To what extend does a third-party funder actually wants to get involved in the mediation process?

Patryk Kulig (Case Manager at Nivalion AG and Mediator (member of the German Bundesverband Mediation e.V.)) and Amelie Huber-Starlinger (Mediator accredited in Austria, England (CEDR) and Singapore (SIMI)) will discuss and shed some light on above questions.

Join us for a hands-on discussion on 24 February 2021, 9 am (CET).
Places are limited.

Further details and the registration link can be found in the invitation.