VIAC obtains right to administer also domestic cases

On 17 May the Austrian Parliament passed an amendment of the WKG (BGBl. I Nr. 73/2017 of 19 June 2017), which also included a change to Sec 139 para 2. As of now parties in purely domestic cases are free to choose the arbitration institution that is best fit for their needs within the system of the Economic Chamber (and of course any other arbitral institution). International cases remain to be administered by VIAC only. Thus, in case parties opt for VIAC and the Vienna Rules also for a purely domestic dispute, VIAC may administer the dispute and does not have to refer the case to the regional arbitration centre of the competent regional economic chamber.

VIAC is currently working on an amendment of its Vienna Rules. In addition, a linguistic clarification has been made: VIAC will be referred to as "Internationale Schiedsinstitution der Wirtschaftskammer Österreich" (and no longer as "Schiedsgericht", which is actually the German expression for “Arbitral Tribunal”).